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Medium Suitcases

Whether travelling for business or for fun, a medium suitcase is just the right size for taking a short trip away. It's not too big or too small, giving you a suitcase that's just right for a trip of about a week. Its relatively compact size means that it's easy to wheel, carry and fit into various tight spaces, from the boot of a car to the storage section on a train, bus or coach. Our quality medium luggage includes designer labels, big names in the suitcase game, and some of the most durable 60-69 cm suitcases available for travellers today.

Medium Suitcases

Balance size and capacity

Our medium 4 wheel suitcases have plenty of space inside without being too big to transport. Larger suitcases are useful longer trips, but they become a burden when you don't really need to use them. Instead of being stuck with a suitcase that's too big or even one that's too small, make sure you have a suitcase that meets your needs. You still have two sizeable compartments that can fit enough clothes and accessories for at least a week, and possibly longer, depending on how lightly you can pack. Lightweight medium suitcases with wheels are easy to store and wheel through the airport.

Durable and sturdy cases

Our range of medium hard suitcases includes durable, sturdy cases that will survive many trips. Choose a 60cm suitcase that will stand up to being thrown into the boot of your car, knocked about on public transport or tossed into the hold of an aeroplane. With hard-case suitcases available, you can be certain that even your more delicate belongings can survive the journey. Even when you buy a soft case, you will receive a high-quality suitcase made from tough fabric. A choice of two or four wheels keeps your case sturdy when you're wheeling it or standing still.

Versatile uses

No matter where you are going or why, or how you're going to get there, we have medium suitcases for your needs. A medium suitcase is ideal for taking on trains, buses and coaches, not being too big too carry, and not taking up too much space in luggage racks and storage holds. A medium sized case gives you enough space to pack for a short holiday of a week or two away or perhaps a business trip. You can even use it for longer trips combined with other bags or if you have access to laundry facilities while you're away.

Broad selection of medium suitcases

Choose from designer brands and suitcase brand leaders, ranging from Ted Baker to Samsonite, with our extensive range. You can select a medium spinner suitcase with four wheels or two, all with handy telescopic handles and hand straps to make pulling and carrying simple. We offer a range of bright colours and designs, as well as more conservative shades if you're looking for something smart and more discreet.

Browse our range of medium suitcases to find the perfect suitcase for your needs and discover fantastic deals.

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