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Hard Shell Suitcases

A hard shell suitcase is the essential travel companion for all your adventures. Whether you’re bringing home souvenirs or packing your suit for a business trip, your cargo will arrive in perfect condition. Hard shell luggage can be more secure than soft shell and offers extra protection for your fragile or valuable belongings while in transit. Case Luggage stocks a full range of hard shell suitcases, with something for every traveller. With top brands ranging from Samsonite to Ted Baker and Bric's, you’ll find the ideal hard case luggage solution for your tastes and budget.

Hard Shell Suitcases

Super Durable

While the airport terminal might be dry and air-conditioned, your travels might take you through rain and snow once you reach your destination. Having a hard suitcase gives you peace of mind, your belongings will be well protected from the weather outside and knocks inside the airport terminal.

Lightweight But Sturdy

While you might expect that extra durability means extra weight, hard shell suitcases can be lightweight, thanks to modern materials and manufacturing. Polycarbonate luggage tends to be lighter than aluminium or plastic suitcases, and can even be easier to carry than some softer luggage options. The rigid frame and wheels affixed to your case allow you to navigate a busy airport more easily, and your back will thank you, too.

Extra Protection

The extra resilience of hard suitcases means they withstand the impact of other cases while in transit, especially when being loaded or unloaded from the plane If you regularly pack valuable or fragile items, a hard-shell suitcase could be perfect for you.

Versatile Range

At Case Luggage we have many hard shell suitcases to choose from, including 2 or 4 wheel spinners, smaller check-in suitcases, medium or larger suitcases. We have a range of price points to suit all budgets. For the cheapest prices and best deals, check out our suitcase sale.

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