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Zinc Flyte

Is it a suitcase? Is it a scooter? Well, yes actually, it’s both of them. Zinc Flyte scooter suitcases are the ultimate travel companion for young travellers, which can be used as a compact carry on suitcase that also boasts a set of fold-out wheels that instantly transform the suitcase into a travel scooter. Thanks to a choice of two ultra-cool designs for kids aged 4 to 8, the truly unique product, which is suitable for travel by air, road, or train is sure to improve long journeys for children and parents alike. The prospect of travel for youngsters just got a whole lot more exciting.

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Zinc Flyte

Why Choose The Zinc Flyte?

If you’ve ever travelled long distances with young children, you’ll know that they can get very bored, very quickly. The ultra-fun Zinc Flyte suitcase/scooter is a one-of-a-kind solution that banishes boredom to the past. Whether you’re in the departures lounge, the train station, or at the coach pickup, your child can easily keep hold of their luggage wherever they are.The Zinc Flyte travel case is primarily a travel bag, though. The compact cabin-sized hard case is an ideal piece of luggage for youngsters, providing ample space for their essential travel items. Crucially, it serves to encourage a sense of independence, which can make children feel grown-up while also encouraging a sense of excitement or the trip. Both the pink owl and grey shark variants stand out from the crowd too, meaning you’ll never lose the luggage from baggage carousels and conveyor belts.

Kid-Friendly Scooter Suitcase, Adult-Friendly Reliability

At just 3.6kg and 48cm in height, the Zinc Flyte compact cases are ideal for youngsters moving through busy airports, train stations, or hotel reception areas. Meanwhile, key features including the patented rock ‘n’ roll steering system and sturdy but soft exterior are perfect additions for youngsters. There’s also a traditional handle that can be used when you’re in a rush while internal pockets and straps ensure that all items within the 25l capacity luggage remain safely secured. Parents also love the versatility of the Zinc Flyte scooter case, which can also be used for school or sleepovers. The scooter-luggage combo is sure to make your young one the envy of their friends while the high-quality case is supported by a sturdy integrated deck as well as the reliably smooth running and durable wheels. This keeps kids excited about using their Zinc Flyte luggage scooter throughout their early travels while parents can rest easy that their kids have reliable, high-quality luggage that lasts throughout their children’s’ younger years.

Buy Your Zinc Flyte Scooter Case Today

Zinc Flyte has already established itself as the must-have travel accessory for kids aged 4 to 8, providing exceptional quality and value for money. It’s the perfect birthday gift or treat to get youngsters enthused about an upcoming adventure.

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